Our company provides complete catering services of hookahs for your private and corporate events. We provide not only exclusive hookahs and tobaccos, but also high-quality accessories. Clubs and bars owners are welcomed to cooperate on the base of outsourcing. Services offered to our partners are based on the philosophy of individual approach, excellent service, professional approach and wide offer of luxurious hookahs, exclusive tobaccos and high-quality accessories.


If you want to enrich your event with the fun and relaxation that is offered by hookahs, and in the same time choose the best quality money can buy, choose our hookah catering in Cyprus. Our exclusive tobaccos, excellent accessories, and of course, our marvellous hookahs, will enhance your private or corporate party.


Hookahs open wide possibilities to the café, bars or club owners, their offer may attract new customers and give the present ones one more reason to come back to their spot. To include them into the standard offer is not complicated at all. If you as an owner use our hookahs outsourcing offer, you will be free from the most worries connected with their operation, and you will be able to devote further improvement of your business.